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07 March 2014 @ 10:40 am
Happiness (Miyata/Tamamori)  
Title: Happiness
Pairings: Miyata Toshiya/Tamamori Yuuta
Rating: PG-13
Plot: Tamamori is shy except on special occasions. This was written after Kis-my-Ft2's debut announcement.

                After The Announcement, Miyata is pleasantly surprised once they get backstage. Tamamori had always been shy about their relationship; pushing away Miyata (rather violently sometimes) whenever he tried to kiss him good morning in public and refusing to hold hands on the bus unless they were hidden under a jacket.

                Today was different however. Tamamori pulled him into a kiss in the midst of juniors pouring inside the room, their unit's other members, and staff congratulating them on their debut announcement. Everyone seems to be preoccupied with their own happiness. ("That would've been so disgusting,"  Miyata hears Nikaido tell Senga from the back of the room. "If we hadn't just heard news of our debut!")

                "Not a word," Tamamori says sternly after the kiss, forehead resting against Miyata’s collarbone. "Please..." His voice is choked up and Miyata realizes that he’s started sobbing. Miyata settles for pulling him closer, patting his sweat-dampened back gently until the crying subsides. Tamamori clings to him, both arms wrapping around his waist in a tight hug.

                “Miyata…” Tamamori’s voice is soft, only heard by Miyata amongst the chatter of juniors in the room.

                “Yeah?” Miyata says back just as quietly.

                “We did it, didn’t we? We’re going to debut, aren’t we?”

                 “We did it, Tama-chan.” Miyata smiles. “We’re going to debut.”

                Tamamori loosens the hug and holds Miyata’s arm. His eyes are puffy and his cheeks are wet, but he’s smiling. Miyata can almost literally feel his heart swell with joy.

                “Hey, hey, it’s not just your debut,” Kitayama says in a gruff yankee manner as he comes over, but laughs and wraps each of his arms around Miyata’s and Tamamori’s shoulders.

                “Group hug!” Miyata yells in his usual energetic voice, and the other members rowdily pile themselves on top of him, laughing and cheering. “Help me, Tama-chan!” he half-wails and half-laughs under the pile of bodies on top of him.

                Tamamori just laughs happily and wipes the tears off his face with the back of his hand before throwing himself on top of Senga.

Author's note: I haven't posted in how many years? I actually wrote this back in 2011 when Kisumai's debut was announced but I didn't get to finish and post it. XD
Rochellereplay_dolly on May 18th, 2014 06:06 am (UTC)
Thank you ♥