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14 February 2010 @ 10:03 pm
Valentine's Day drabbles  


Tottsu expects chocolate from Hasshi this year, and he does get it. Only it doesn't appear to be chocolate. The packaging looks like junk art: made out of all kinds of wrapping paper and boxes and ribbons all jumbled together into one, and it's strangely almost as tall as Tottsu is. The materials look strangely familiar to Tottsu.

            "Hey, Tottsu, open it~" Hasshi is whining from beside him, crushing his arm in a hug.

            It scares Tottsu.


            "Alright, alright," he sighs. Anything for Hasshi. And his arm. His arm would love it if Hasshi would let go now, please, thank you. He gulps as he unties the different tied-together ribbons and rips open the taped-together wrapping paper.

            Inside was a strange little sculpture, made of chocolates of all colors and toothpicks. Tottsu couldn't figure it out what it was, so he felt relieved when Hasshi told him proudly "It's Tottsu! And that's me over there." The small figure with detailed hair next to the little Tottsu. "I couldn't make me tall enough, though!"

            "Gee, thanks, Hasshi. This is really nice of you," Tottsu says with a smile, reaching up to pat Hasshi's head.

            "Uh-huh!" Hasshi beams. "I knew the chocolates Tottsu received from his fangirls would look better like this!"

Sanada/Nozawa (+ Watanabe)

            It's Valentine's Day, one of the special-days-you-should-spend-with-Nozawa for Sanada, and he's excited to receive homemade chocolate from his boyfriend. But this year Nozawa disappoints him with a bottle of chocolate syrup.

            He's sulking in the dressing room staring at the bottle when Watanabe waltzes inside. The cold winter air has forced Watanabe into clothes, Sanada notices from the corner of his eye.

            "Yo," Watanabe greets him, shoving two paperbag-fuls of chocolate under his nose. "I got these from the girls in school. Now I'm wondering how many juniors'll give me some. How 'bout you?"

            Sanada points to the small pile of chocolate inside his open locker. "Those were from school and they're not syrup."

            "Oh, you're less popular this year, huh," Watanabe says thoughtfully. He spots the chocolate syrup in Sanada's hands. "From Nokkun?"

            "How'd you know? Is it that obvious that he doesn't like me anymore?" Sanada sighs. "He doesn't like me enough this year to make me chocolate, huh?"

            Watanabe stares at him weirdly. "But that's the best kind of chocolate ever!"

            "How so? You can't even eat it normally without putting it on ice cream or something. And now Nokkun's giving me some," Sanada told him sadly.

            "You're such a moron!" Watanabe laughs back at him. "I really wonder why Nokkun's dating you, sometimes." He laughs harder as Sanada's back slumps lower.

            "Stop throwing salt at my wounds," Sanada says glumly.

            "Give it here," Watanabe says with a smirk, pulling the bottle from Sanada's hands. He pulls off his blazer and unbuttons his school shirt, throwing them in a pile with the chocolates he'd received.

            Sanada yelps when Watanabe pours a small puddle of the syrup onto his palm. "What the hell are you doing?!" he asks, panicking. "You'll make a mess! And Nokkun'll kill me! And you! But mostly me!"

            Holding his hand up, Watanabe lets the chocolate trickle down his arm before wiping it in a long, slow lick. He smirks when Sanada cowers in horror.

            "Stop that! You're defiling Nokkun's gift!"

            Nozawa pokes his head inside the door and Sanada panics even more.

            "It's not what it looks like! I swear!" Sanada cries, hiding behind his hands but peeking through his fingers.

            To his surprise, Nozawa normally comes in with a smile, greets Watanabe with a "Nabe-kun~" and continues conversationally, "How's the chocolate sauce?"

            Watanabe is smacking his lips noisily. "Pretty good. Just needs a little more vanilla."

            Sanada's eyes widen. "Isn't that chocolate syrup?"

            Nozawa looks offended. "It's homemade sauce. I made it myself, from Mika's leftover ingredients."

            "Oh, Mika-chan gives boys chocolate now?" Watanabe snickers through his chocolatey fingers. "She's at that age, huh? Did she make some for me?"

            "No, but she asked me to give Hasshi some. And not to give Yuuma any." Nozawa and Watanabe laugh.

            "That's the right thing to do! Sanapi was sulking just now over not getting a proper chocolate bar from you." Watanabe tsk'ed, his hand almost completely clean now except for the stickiness. "He doesn't know what you do with chocolate sauce aside from putting it in ice cream," he laughs at Nozawa's expression of disappointment. "You should've given him whipped cream. Maybe he would've understood."

            "Chocolate is more festive," Nozawa insists. He turns to Sanada and asks "What do you think, Yuuma?"

            Sanada blinks. "You... Want to go on an ice cream date?" he tries.

            Nozawa groans. "I give up. Watanabe, you're coming with us later."


            "I like you! I like you! Kiss!" Miyata has been chanting to Tamamori since they saw each other. Tamamori just sat on the floor, eating a chocolate bar he got from the fangirls in nonchalance.

            "Will you shut up already?!" Nikaido barked at him for the nth time today. "He's not going to kiss you, and Kitayama'll wake up if you keep being noisy."

            Miyata frowned. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. He wasn't getting anywhere with his chanting, and Kitayama would surely kill all of them if he woke up from his nap due to noise, including Tamamori, oblivious to Miyata's inner suffering. He sighed, staring at Tamamori. He really did like the younger boy a whole lot. Even with his bad hairstyle today (which was a messy perm slicked in sweat), Miyata decided, he really liked this boy.

            Just one more try.

            "Hey." He plops down beside Tamamori. "I love you, Tama-chan. Give me either a kiss or chocolate?" he asks hopefully.

            He feels a sense of victory when he sees a hint of pink tainting Tamamori's cheeks, the feeling growing stronger when Tamamori leans toward him to press a light kiss on his lips. (He would've liked romantic background music, but instead he got ewws from Senga and Nikaido.)

            Nothing could erase the grin on Miyata's face. "Was that both?"

            Tamamori throws the empty chocolate box at his face, but it's okay. After all, he'd gotten his chocolate and kiss this year.

Glad I finished that in time 8D The Sanabezawa one almost continued into smut, but I stopped myself in time too |DD

ellellelle: Hiro - See no evilfunkysparks on February 17th, 2010 04:15 pm (UTC)
I was away for CNY! /whacks Sanada and steals Nokkun